Sebastian Hemetsberger is an independent designer from Salzburg, Austria. Focused on Concept, Visual Identities and Webdesign, he shapes the look and feel of brands to make them appear appropriate, unique, and appealing to their target audience. Proud part of



»Making good design simple and accessible, by democratizing the design process.«

Co Founder, Designer & Creative Coder for OBLQ Fashion

»Transforming the oldest pharmacy in Laa into something new.«

Identity Design for Apotheke Laa

»Bulding a modern platform for a multi-award winning composer.«

Design & Code for Walter Mair

»A design festival concept for experimental design and typography.«

Motion Design for TYPE X

»An elegant identity for the interior design Studio UNYKAT.«

Identity and Website for UNYKAT Interior Design

»An immersive website for an austrian composer.«

Design & Code for Christian Heschl