Plan your trip

As part of my university's “interface design” class, I created an easy tool for planning your upcoming trip. Over a menu, you can add restaurants, sights, bars, cafes, … to a simple calendar.

Our professor's briefing

We had to create a new concept for an inflight entertainment system (IFE). One part of our briefing was, coming up with a unique feature or extension, that shines new light on the mostly outdated inflight systems. I decided to invent a tool called "plan your trip".

You can easily plan your next vacation with this simple calendar-like app. Over a simple menu, you are able to add all kinds of restaurants, sights, museums, bars, parks, hotels, ... to your travel plan. After you are done planing you can export your created calendar to your mobile phone or receive an email with all the necessary data, the moment the plane lands.


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