Creative Direction: Sebastian Hemetsberger
Concept & Design: Platzer Christoph, Alexander Merlicek, Sebastian Hemetsberger
Photography: Christoph Platzer
Videography: Christoph Amort

The objective was to develop a visual identity for an interior design studio called UNYKAT. We aimed to translate the core values - individuality, design, aesthetics - into a visual language that puts the studio in a modern light and gets to the heart of their competencies. It was essential to find the right degree of abstraction. Too much is reminiscent of an architecture studio — too little is reminiscent of a furniture store.

Brand Visual


The cornerstone of this identity is the square, which stands for empty space. Unykat leaves traces in space. So we used the U from the lettering, combined it with the square and thus created a figurative mark. To convey the creativity and uniqueness of the studio, we designed several more squares with different contents. These can be found in different configurations in the design and thus form the common thread of the identity.